Derick Riles Cason







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Hair color:

Golden blond

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Dark blue


Benefactors, Kain and Abel Investigations.






Early lifeEdit

Derick grew up in Montana, around the turn of the Twentieth Century, as a little boy growing up on his parents farm he had a love and passion for all aspects of history. He would often sneak off for hours at a time only to be found reading the latest National Geographic magazine at the local general store. By the time Derick was nineteen he was attending Berkeley Unversity and majoring in archeology, by the age of twenty four he was working in Egypt as a fledgling archeologist. While in Egypt, he discovered the location of the lost summerian city, Lathin. Very eager to make a historical and impacting discovery, Derick gathered a team and led his own expedition to the remmants of the lost city. Shortly after the expeditions arrival to the ruins, Dericks team began to kill each other in unexplained and sudden acts of violence. In grave fear for his own life Derick sought refuge in the remanats of the city. He began to loose his mind as the city rebuilt itself before his eyes into a never ending labyrinth of corridors, After wandering the phantom city, he encountered Richard Richardson who had been trapped for over a year at the mercy of the citys restless spirits. The two worked together using unknown magic to free the spirits. Derick joined the Benefactors shortly after his return to America, where he began training in ritual magic and Incantations, he quickly became the best the Benefactors had, and even was given the honor of joining the Council.


Derick lived a long life as Richardson showed him how to use magic to slow the ageing process, together the two personally attended to every mission for fifteen years, Richardson even affectionatly called him the son he never had. Thirty five years of working with the Benefactors passed for Derick. Eventually he and Richardson had a fallout, what the argument was has never been clear, but it was enough to cause Derick to leave the Benefactors.


Derick moved to Las Vegas, where he opened up a small near the Strip to fund his hobby’s of archeology and book collecting, Things remained quiet for him for sometime. Almost fifty years passed, when he received a phone call from Richardson asking for his expertise. Kain Cameron, Vlad and Zen met Derick in Las Vegas on behalf of Richardson. Derick enjoyed being useful to the young team and told them to call if they ever needed help again


So Derick began being and outside source of information for Kain and Vlad, often he would receive calls at all hours needing his expertise on a creature or spell, Derick got so wound up working as an informant for the Benefactors, he completely forget to attend to his bar, and the bills begun to stack up, He feared he was going to loose his bar and couldn’t afford to catch up the behind payments.


When Derick had lost all hope, Kain walked into the bar without notice offering to buy the bar from him and turn it into his own investigation service. Derick agreed under the circumstance that he could keep the bar portion of the business and he would be employed under Kain, the terms were accepted. Derick enjoyed working with Kain, He enjoyed being in the action again, and that his vast knowledge was considered useful on a personal level again. while mainly the researcher, he wouls sometimes worked field cases, but very rarely. After a time, Derick began to grow to love Kain and his team as his family


After the Rising Sun declared war on Kain, things for Derick began to get steadily worse for Derick, It seemed that not a day wouldn’t go by without bloodshed. While working a particular case admits the war, and Kain and the team were out of town, he took in a little girl who was the supposed victim of a demon attack, eager to get back to the basic’s Derick cracked open a book and went to work. while distracted the little girl stabbed Derick in the back with a large knife several times, as he fell to the floor he watched her transform into a tall man. Derick spent the last moments of life realising that he was tricked by the Rising Sun using a shapeshifting spell. When Kain returned home he discovered Dericks body with the Rising Sun emblem painted in blood on his forehead. Though dead, he would be avenged by Kain, and was given a "Passage of Souls" ritual burning, the highest honor a passing Benefactor could receive.

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